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The chair would have been the first piece of furniture that our pre-historic ancestors invented because before they would sleep they had to sit. When they found that sitting was more relaxing than standing the first think that would have come to their mind would have been to sit on an elevated position because they would have sat on the ground first and then found sitting on something was more comfortable.

So probably the more intelligent ones at that time went about inventing the all-important chair. Necessity they always say is the Mother of Invention and that would not have been lost on them even at that time of our history. So when they got about the task of inventing the chair it would have been interesting to know as to how they got about it. Many say that the wheel was human’s most important invention but it would be interesting to see whether it is the wheel or the chair that is the most important of all inventions in a human’s life.

We could suffice that there would be more chairs in this world that wheels and that would be just a wild guess but if it turns out to be so then we could assume that it is the chair and not the wheel that is human’s most important invention. This would be on the total number of chairs up against the quantity of chairs in this world. That would be quite a count to make but assuming that there is one chair for every human being on this world, there should be seven (7) billion chairs in this world. That would be a very interesting observation to make and an interesting one too.

Hence when there is a need to make chairs with electronics, speakers and subwoofers fitted into it the chair becomes a very interesting subject even for the layman who would only sit on a chair but not worry much of the electronics embedded into it. The gaming chairs that we see today are a sophisticated piece of furniture and it has taken the simple chair that we have all known for ages into a new dimension. The chair would not be the same again especially with this new kind of sophistication coming into it.

The chair never was seen like this a few decades ago but with this new phenomenon it is going to be one of the most electronically sophisticated pieces of furniture moving into the future. We need to keep our fingers crossed as the gaming chair is going to be the next best thing that would take the world by storm as some other very unimportant things have done before.

We could be happy on one aspect and that is the chair would never become an item of furniture that would go into oblivion or become obsolete. It is here to stay and will do for many centuries into the future thanks mainly to the advancement of the gaming industry which too is definitely expected to grow in leaps and bounds.