X Rocker 5172801 Review

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X Rocker 5172801 Review
X Rocker 5172801 Review

It is music in our ears if we sit on the X Rocker 5172801 and plug our device into its provided jacks. We could have the best of music and also relax after a hard day at work which we all know is one thing that we look forward to when we get back home where we feel the most comfortable. It is not only music that we could enjoy the X Rocker 5172801 would let us play our favorite online games too. Pushing ourselves to the optimum limits of challenging our adversaries on the screen before us. The X Rocker 5172801 makes it real, theater style no doubt as you would have a super sound system surrounding you to enjoy your seat and be an integral part of the action.

That would not be all that we could do when we are on the X Rocker 5172801 watching television would be a new experience and the most enlightening way of watching all those programs that have caught our eyes. The X Rocker 5172801 takes watching television into a new dimension it is entertainment at its best. You could be immersed in the action completely oblivious to whatever would happen around you. The roof may come down but you would not know it and that is the power of the entertainment that the X Rocker 5172801 would enthrall you with. We buy all models and types of sophisticated televisions just to be in the action. Wide screen televisions do not bring the picture to us but in effect it takes us into the picture.

Television has been a form of entertainment that has overwhelmed the world community since it was first introduced many moons ago, but today it has evolved to be one of the most important forms in the life of millions around the world. Television coupled with the X Rocker 5172801 has thrown the doors of home entertainment wide open. Television has never been like this before and moreover would hardly be anything like this in the near future too. The X Rocker 5172801 is the ultimate box office seat for you to enjoy all your favorite programs aired on television.

To provide you with the exact levels of sound that would meet your aspirations the X Rocker 5172801 has individual controls for volume and bass, which would enable you to set the right mix which would be comfortable with you. One of the most important aspects when listening to sound whatever that would be is to be prudent and set the controls so that it is just what you would love to hear. This aspect is fully accommodated in the X Rocker 5172801 which has provided that advantage with the right controls.

The X Rocker 5172801 is thought fully designed taking into consideration many seating positions that we would be comfortable in what has been brought to you is the best ergonomic design like none other. It is richly upholstered with high grade Polyuret in a color combination of red and black. The high class workmanship stands out with perfect seams running down from top to bottom with the armrests aiding comfort at its best.

The X Rocker 5172801 is full Bluetooth 2.1 compatible with surround Hi Fi stereo sound and high quality subwoofer which would bring out sound perfection at its optimum best. The two speakers are discreetly hidden in the shoulder of the X Rocker 5172801 and are directed sideways for optimum quality sound. It is capable of playing music from any source and listening to them from the headset or the provided RCA outputs. Dishing out high quality sound is what the X Rocker 5172801 does and that too with a class that most other gaming chairs would find it impossible to match.

The X Rocker 5172801 could accommodate adults as well as kids and stands about seven (07) inches from the ground and in a perfect position to sit you comfortably. It is a very good gaming chair with most of what you would want in one. It stands out well among others and is good value for money and would enhance your entertainment.


  • Rich upholster with the seat in Polyuret and back in Polyester

  • Individual volume and bass controls

  • Superlative speaker on shoulders directed sideways

  • Subwoofer

  • RCA jacks

  • Armrests

  • Bluetooth 2.1

  • Ergonomic seating

  • For music, games, TV or just relax


  • Low profile

  • Non-adjustable

  • Fragile in rough use, especially with kids

  • Upholstery wears off with use

  • High price