Furmax Gaming Chair Review

Product Review



The Furmax Gaming Chair could be “the best in the business” because it has everything which most other gaming chairs would find it difficult to match. The ultimate in luxury is wrapped around it with nothing less than real leather. Specially selected soft leather is finely upholstered to bring a super finish to the Furmax Gaming Chair which also has some top rated additional advantages to the discerning user. It is not only a gaming chair, it could be your office chair, or it also could be a chair for you to watch television, listen to music or just relax when you want.

The leather it is wrapped with complements the luxury of the 360 degree swivel, which enables you to move very easily to adjust to the best direction that you would choose. The swivel pivots on a strong base which would last a lifetime of service and it has been the success of the Furmax Gaming Chair an all-purpose chair in comparison to others in the same category. It is not only luxury that it exudes but practicality as well with a host of advantages a chair should have.

The back to front and vice versa tilt adjustment is incredible giving the user the perfect position to enjoy utmost comfort especially when using it for entertainment and or watching television. The tilt adjustment is easily controlled and assisted by a conventional hydraulic tilt adjustment mechanism which has been put through the tests and come out trumps as the best there is for these types of chairs. It is long lasting and easily adjustable and performs smoothly ensuring perfection at its best.

The tilt adjustment has a very unique safety feature too, where you could pull the chair on its pivot towards the front to employ the tilt adjustment or push it back on the pivot to lock it in when the appropriate position is set. This mechanism ensures that once you have perfection in the tilt it would not misbehave which could be a dangerous thing if the chair has no control on that. The locking function eliminates the possibility of the tilt acting on its own volition.

The Furmax Gaming Chair could be raised at the base through a height of 4.7 inches which provides those with varying physical heights to ensure that they have the right height adjusted to be as comfortable as possible. The total height adjust from the floor to the seat is between 15.75” and 19.69”. This provides the user complete control to be as comfortable as possible.

This is achieved by conventional hydraulic systems for smooth operation, which is also employed in the tilt and forward and backward movement. These advantages are absent in most gaming chairs and the Furmax Gaming Chair towers over the rest with these superlative advantages to the user.



The padded armrests adds and completes the comfort delivered by the Furmax Gaming Chair and is just what you would call luxury and comfort coupled together to deliver the best position possible when needed for whatever endeavor you would be sitting on it. The backrest is high which also provides optimum support to the user with whatever physique he or she may have. The seat itself is designed similar to racing car bucket seats to ensure that the optimum comfort is delivered to the user.

The Furmax Gaming Chair is supported on efficiently rolling high standard PU casters which enables the user to move smoothly on the floor ensuring easy access and movement when needed. This is convenience at its best and keeps the user in total mobility within a limited space.

Though the Furmax Gaming Chair has all these advantages you may feel that it attains saturation, but that is not so there are more with the most relevant for many being that it could carry a maximum capacity of 280 pounds and that is quite substantial for any above average person. This is what most gaming chairs lack as they cannot bear weights as high as what the Furmax Gaming Chair could sustain.

The 30 day money back guarantee that is offered at the moment gives potential users the best option they have to select the Furmax Gaming Chair. An offer to replace any damaged or missing parts within a period of six (06) months is also made available to possible users.


  • Leather luxury

  • Comfortable

  • Height adjustable

  • Tilt possible

  • Back to front adjustment

  • High backrest

  • Capacity 280 pounds

  • 30 day money back return


  • No speakers and subwoofer

  • Ordinary office chair but can be used for gaming with headphones