Canon Powershot SX530 Review

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Canon_Powershot_SX530 Review
Canon_Powershot_SX530 Review

This is a camera that you should have with you if you are taking up the new universal craze of vlogging. In fact you would be just one of the millions around the world, who have taken to vlogging like ducks taking to water. The Canon Powershot SX530 in your hand is what you should have when you are moving around in the city, in the rough outdoor terrains, just walking with your dog, or lazing out on the beach. This is because you would not know when the unexpected would happen and when it does being at the right place at the right time with your Canon Powershot SX530 would definitely help you capture that one in a lifetime image or even a video.

That is what vlogging is all about and the Canon Powershot SX530 would be your best companion under those special moments and none other would suffice. The Canon Powershot SX530 is packed with all what you would need in a camera as it has a host of advantages which you should not miss if you are contemplating of getting your hands on a Canon.

The most important aspect is that it carries a USA Warranty which should give you the impetus to convince yourself that the Canon Powershot SX530 is what you should be holding in your hand when that incredible scene unfolds before you.

The package includes primarily the Canon Powershot SX530 with HS 16MP, plus Wi-Fi Super Zoom and 50x Optical Zoom. The package also includes a Deluxe Extra super padded Carry Bag to ensure all your other accessories also fit in perfectly. A 32 GB Memory Card, along with a High Speed USB Card Reader is also supplied for your total independence and convenience.

An Extra Battery for extended use of the Canon Powershot SX530 is one big asset, which would ensure you don’t go wanting when you need to capture everything that you see before you. A Mini Table Top tripod which would ensure that you have the chance of ensuring you would be a part of the events folding at the scene. A Mini – HDMI to a HDMI Audio / Video cable are all supplied so that you have practically everything you need to make your vlogging experience an eventful, memorable and interesting one.

That may not be all that you would get with the Canon Powershot SX530, there is more as you would be supplied with Digital Camera LCD Screen Protectors, Beach Camera MicroFiber, a Cleaning cloth, and a 3 pieces Cleaning Kit. All of these with your Canon Powershot SX530 are a bargain like none other coming to you at a very competitive price too.

The package would also include the charger and neck strap for ease of carrying it around and always at the ready to raise and click whenever you would want it. It has a 3 inch LCD screen at the rear which also acts as the view finder providing easy viewing when needed to play back to watch what was captured.

The Canon Powershot SX530 has an auto pop up built in flash which is just what you would need to capture those sudden images that would unfold before you but with no time to fix an external flash. The Canon Powershot SX530 is always just a click away and is as convenient as it could get. It is one camera that does not need much of your inputs behind it as it would do all the thinking for you and would expect you to just keep clicking away.

The images captured are great and videos would be superlative and extraordinary as the lenses are all Canon a name that has been around since 1937, which is an incredible 80+ years. Canon has the experience and the expertise and everything that it has gained over the last eight decades has gone into the Canon Powershot SX530 to give you a vlogging experience that none other camera could match.

The impressive pedigree that the Canon Powershot SX530 is blessed with should ensure that it provides high quality images with the minimum of adjustments as it is a very comprehensive camera for any user whether it’s a professional or amateur.


  • Canon a name synonymous with quality

  • Good value for money

  • User friendly

  • Images and Video

  • Accessories supplied

  • Japanese technology

  • High definition

  • Wi-Fi capability


  • Cheaper individually

  • Cost for additional lenses