Nikon D3300 Review

Product Review



If you are vlogger or seriously thinking of taking up the hobby then you need good equipment which needs to be compatible with your desires, experience if any, enthusiasm and more than any, your adeptness in handling those complicated and cumbersome equipment that you may need. High on the agenda is a good camera, it should be easy to handle and able to click an image or shoot a video in the least possible time. Finding such a camera would be your prerogative and to do so you may have to burn some midnight oil, you may think, because you would like the best one available.

You do not have to, the task to find the best if not perfect vlogging camera that would give you the best images is there waiting for you and that is the Nikon D3300. This is a very versatile camera and you just need to pick it up and shoot as it is very user friendly and would let you enjoy your vlogging experience without much ado. It is packed with many features which would definitely stand out as an advantage to you and that is what you as a vlogger would want.
Supplied with an 18-55mm A-FP SX Lens which is from the new generation of Nikkor lenses that have made quite an impression among professionals as well as amateurs is supplied with the Nikon D3300 as the standard. This does not mean that it is only this lens could be attached but that is not true as the Nikon D3300 could take in any of the reputed lens we periodically use. All Nikkor lenses are compatible with the Nikon D3300 hence you need not have any apprehensions about interchanging lenses because you could attach any lens from the range of Nikkor or any other which would be compatible.

The Nikon D3300 has a 24.2 MP CMOS DX-Format sensor which would enable you to take High Definition images in perfect harmony with its background and surroundings to blend perfectly with your vlogging requirements. This versatile vlogging aided camera could take you on an exciting photographic journey where nothing would be left aside as it has continuous shooting capability of five (05) frames per second ensuring whatever folds before you is taken inside your Nikon D3300.

It is also equipped with 11 AF Points with 3D Tracking and has ISO 100-12800 which could be expandable to 25,600 if and when required which is a major asset especially for those ardent vloggers out there. The LCD view finder 3 inch screen at the rear keeps things simple and ensures that you see the image in crystal clear format before you would click to capture it. The Optical Zoom lens is an incredible Zoom 3x which would give you extremely super results, and capture some of the best images from a reasonable distance.

If you are not a professional in the real sense of the word but would still like to capture those stunning moments then there is none other camera that would fit your requirement as a hand in glove than the Nikon D3300. It is compatible in using a SDHC Card hence a SanDisk with 32GB is also supplied with the Nikon D3300 for your convenience and vlogging pleasure.

The auto pop up high efficient built in flash would ensure that you do not need an external flash unless in extreme conditions and hence would give you that extra bit of time to capture that spectacular scene or event as it happens before you. The Nikon D3300 is a point and shoot camera that is studded with advantages and once you have mastered the art of using it life as a vlogger would move into a new dimension for you. There would be times that your reaction time is what matters and nothing else and in a situation like that the Nikon D3300 would be your best partner and most reliable one too.

You could purchase a camera carry bag too and that would be a few extra dollars over and above the cost of the camera but it would ensure that your sensitive camera along with accessories would fit snugly into it. There are many sizes of camera cases that are compatible but the one you choose should be able to accommodate all the accessories that you would want.


  • Backed by the Nikon name

  • Crystal clear images

  • Value for money

  • Versatile product

  • Point and shoot capability

  • Compatible to Nikkor and other lenses

  • Vloggers love this one


  • Price needs to be a concern

  • Offer does not consist of any accessories

  • No carry bag, additional cost