The Best 7 Vlogging Camera Backpack (October 2018)

the best seven vlogging camera backpack of 2018
the best seven vlogging camera backpack of 2018


The most ideal way to carry all your vlogging equipment is to place them carefully in a camera backpack which would be specially designed and manufactured to fit each of the necessary equipment and its accessories. You may not know when you would need what hence a back pack camera bag would be your best companion on your vlogging endeavors.

If you are a professional vlogger or even an amateur trying your hand at the fast developing world of vlogging you would need to first equip yourself with the right equipment to enable you to capture those exclusive images and videos to post on your platform or as a vlog.

Once you have all the required equipment it would be imperative that they are carried safely and without causing damage because they are all expensive to be replaced if inadvertently damaged.

It is imperative that your vlogging camera one of the most important pieces of equipment that you would need to carry with you, is always carefully protected from shocks in sudden movements because you would not know into what difficult positions you would need to adjust yourself to capture those rare moments which only your camera lens would see.

It is not only practicality that would be essential when you carry your camera backpack it should also enhance your lifestyle and image by being a stylish camera backpack which would be sure to draw a second glance from anyone interested in watching you at work or otherwise.

Camera Backpack | How to Choose the Right One

To put everything into the right context where style and practicality would go hand in glove you should have slung on your shoulders the best DSLR camera bag for travel because you would be moving around frequently to be a prominent vlogger among your fraternity.

We know that looks do mean something in life and that is why we tend to follow fashion and having the best looking camera backpack on your shoulder would mean that you are in business when anyone would throw you that second glance.

Vlogging is actually sending your message to the world out there and in that context selecting one of the best messenger camera bags, stylish and practical would be in your best interests. There are many out there for you select the most ideal camera backpack which would suit you and we could help in listing out some of them to ensure that you have the selection process simplified and convenient.

The most ideal way to capture spectacular images and videos would be to be in the outdoors at every given opportunity and what better way would it be rather than to have the best camera backpack for hiking 2018 slung stylishly on your shoulders and go looking out for that one in a lifetime image or video to post on your vlog platform. There is no satisfaction for a vlogger like you than to be at the right place at the right time when things fold out right before your eyes.

The world is a stage, as told rightly by that erstwhile English author William Shakespeare and those words should ring in every vloggers eyes because when the world acts out a play being there to capture that momentous moment would not be everyone’s prerogative but limited to one or a few. Vlogging is an experience and it is how you would bring that experience onto your platform with the right equipment in the right camera backpack which you would carry.

The major criteria employed, to select the following camera backpacks are its affordability which are all priced below US $ 50/= at the present prices and its practicality in storing carefully all the required equipment and accessories without any damage being caused during transit and capturing images and videos.


#1. Acuvar Professional DSLR Camera Backpack with Rain Cover

Product Review

Designed to perfection taking into serious consideration the possible rough handling which would be what you would go through to get to the right position to capture the perfect images or video. Manufactured from specially woven polyester and nylon material to blend strongly together to ensure it has enough strength to ensure the valuable equipment inside are well protected and the outer could withstand the vagaries of being in the outdoors.

acuvar camera backpack

This camera backpack is delivered with a nylon rain cover which is tested through a very tedious process to ensure that no water gets into this stylish camera backpack even when exposed to the harshest of rain without recourse to any shelter.

This nylon rain cover could be conveniently stored at the bottom of the back pack camera bag for easy and quick recovery when the rains come crashing down.

The large capacity best DSLR camera bag for travel is designed with outer dimensions of 11.5” x 7.2” x 15.6”, whilst the inner dimensions are 10.0” x 5.0” x 14.75” making it the most convenient camera backpack to accommodate all your vlogging equipment and its accessories and more.

This stylish camera backpack fits onto your shoulders creating the right harmony between your body and all what you would need to carry without the inconvenience of undue labor when carrying.

This camera backpack would easily hold and protect 2 DLSR cameras or 2 small camcorders along with 3 to 4 lenses and other accessories like filters, flashes, and other similar stuff with a tripod fitting perfectly on the outside for easy carry.

The inside of this back pack camera bag is divided into easily storable compartments to fit each of your equipment when dismantled for ease of transit. The separations are created with prudence employing thick customized foam ensuring your valuable equipment and accessories remain where you would place them and would not move around to cause damage.

Your equipment would be safely moved around when you are on the move without any two pieces of your valuable equipment within the camera back pack even touching each other which could also cause damage.

This camera backpack when empty would be incredibly light weighing just 1.55 pounds and depending on the equipment that you would carry with you it would be also strong enough to take all that you would need. This camera backpack is available in black and blue colors giving you a choice to get the preferential color to match your lifestyle.

It is imperative that you first choose the equipment which you would need as a vlogger and then decide on the size and strength of the camera backpack which would adequately fit all the stuff you would want to carry with you.

The dimensions of this stylish camera backpack would need to be taken into consideration with the equipment that you have and then once you are certain everything could be accommodated then order it.


  • Very stylish and adequately strong to carry average weighted cameras and accessories

  • The dividers could be customized to carry the required equipment

  • A variety of pockets to store little accessories easily

  • Light weight at 1.55 pounds and will carry a suitable tripod

  • Could carry a moderate weight of equipment

  • Available in two colors (Black and Blue)


  • No provision to carry a laptop which could be quite awkward

  • The zipper has caused some concerns to certain buyers

  • Some concerns with the shoulder straps too

  • Not suitable for any heavy cameras

  • The outer walls are soft hence items could move around if not packed well

  • No advice in product information as to the permissible weight that this camera backpack could carry which would have been very helpful


This back pack camera bag is stylish and very smart to carry. It could store equipment to suit its sturdiness and tensile strength of the straps and overall permitted weight.

The waterproof nylon cover would ensure the equipment inside remains dry even when the camera backpack is exposed to heavy rain. It is a good buy for the price but do not expect the moon and the stars if you are deciding to buy one.

Most importantly ensure your equipment would fit into this stylish camera backpack. It is imperative that you select the right camera backpack to perfectly fit all your equipment and also that it is strong enough to carry all of them.

If you have heavy equipment it is suggested that this would not be the best camera backpack for hiking 2018 for you, hence taking a prudent look at what you would want would be what you should be doing.

  Acuvar Camera Backpack

#2. DSLR Camera and Mirrorless Camera Backpack by Altura Photo

Product Review:

This versatile camera backpack is designed to carry most of what you as a vlogger would need, when you are out and about trying to capture that one in a lifetime image or video to post on your vlog platform. To get the right angles your stylish camera backpack should accentuate your lithe movements and let you have access to every accessory that you would need at easy reach.

Manufactured from weather resistant tough and durable specially formulated 840D nylon material this camera backpack is a vloggers dream companion in tackling any type of terrain.

altura camera backpack
altura camera backpack

It is without doubt the best camera backpack for hiking 2018 which has a very stylish design enabling it to stand tall among all other back pack camera bags available in the market.

The internal padding could be customized to adjust the compartments to fit every piece of equipment you intend carrying tightly and perfectly without moving around and being damaged.

The ergonomic shoulder harness would fit any torso and blend perfectly to distribute the inherent weight evenly causing no discomfort to you or to the equipment within and the weight of this camera backpack is 2.55 pounds.

Every stitch on the best DSLR camera bag for travel is reinforced to ensure that they stand the tensile strength which it would be tested with in the course of your vlogging endeavors.

The external dimensions are 12.0” x 6.5” x 17.0” whilst internal are 10.0” x 4.5” x 16.5” (LxWxH) with ample space within to carry every piece of equipment that you would need with you to ensure that you are not handicapped when the moment of contention arrives to help you capture that superlative image or record that impressive video.

This camera backpack would conveniently accommodate 1 DSLR camera with its lens attached for easy recovery, about 4 or 5 additional lenses to select for the best shot, a flash that is shoe mounted and a tripod or monopod as your preferences would be.

The slip pocket is adequately padded to easily fit your 14 inches laptop which is another very important piece of equipment to ensure that you are ready to smoothly ride through any situation and complete the task at hand.

This vlogging camera backpack is mid-sized hence you would need to be prudent of what you would try to carry inside it and overloading could cause untold issues hence ensure the right weight is placed inside it for long and satisfied use.

It is value for money and is able to withstand rough handling ensuring no damage would occur to the equipment inside unless of course the impact is heavy which even other bigger and stronger camera backpacks may not be able to endure.

There are ample pockets around in the inside as well as on the outside to slip in extra batteries, memory cards, and other required essential accessories which would come handy when the time comes for their need. The zippers close from either ends enabling this back pack camera bag to be locked ensuring extra security when needed. This camera backpack is backed by a Digital Goja-90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


  • Elegant and stylish design with emphasis on practicality

  • Strong and durable 840D nylon specially formulated material

  • Weather and water resistant

  • Affordable and competitively priced

  • Dual sliding lockable zippers for extra security

  • A 14” Laptop easily slips in to be protected with optimum padding

  • Weighs 2.55 pounds


  • The quality of being resistant to a heavy downpour could be inadequate and water seeps through

  • May be a few inches small for a real professional with very heavy and multiple equipment


Everything in this camera backpack points in the positive direction and it is good value for money. If you are a new vlogger and have still to master your equipment then this stylish camera backpack would ideally suit your every whim and fancy to take you to great heights in all your vlogging endeavors. It is strong and built tough with reinforced stitching to ensure it stands the test of time and delivers optimum service to a professional or amateur alike.

The internal compartments are wrapped with strong and sturdy foam to ensure every little piece of valuable equipment is safely transported and withstands the sudden movements and the rough handling when you are outdoors looking for perfection in your vlog endeavors.

Altura Photo Camera Backpack for Camera and Lens (The Wanderer Series)

#3. AmazonBasics Camera Backpack

Product Review:

This stylish camera backpack is intricately designed with adequate space within to hold 2 small to medium SLR/DSLR camera bodies, 3 to 4 extra lenses, and many little accessories to ensure you have everything you would need to get on with your vlogging endeavors. The external body of this camera backpack is manufactured from strong and sturdy specially formulated black polyester/nylon material of the highest quality. This vlogging camera backpack has a high tensile strength to ensure it keeps all valuable equipment it carries protectively packed, preventing damage during transit and sudden movements.

amazonbasics camera backpack
amazonbasics camera backpack

The ample internal space for storage in this camera backpack is complimented with hard foam adjustable separators which are Velcro assisted to ensure every item inside is tightly packed to prevent it from moving around and causing damage. The outer dimensions of this back pack camera bag are 11.0” x 6.0” x 15.0” with the internal volume being 10.0” x 4.2” x 14.2” providing enough space to pack quite an adequate quantity of necessary equipment. The advantage in the ability to move the separators enables every item of value to be well and tightly packed for easy carry with the fear of them striking each other and causing damage.

This best DSLR camera bag for travel is distributed by the versatile online marketer hence is backed by their one year warranty which most other camera backpacks would be shy to offer. The shoulder straps are adjustable and would adorn any type of torso perfectly whether it is for a person with a small stature or of above average providing a perfect fit. The shoulder straps in this stylish camera backpack are stitched strong to ensure it stays on the user’s shoulders without them coming off, dropping off and damaging the valuable equipment inside.

This versatile and best camera backpack for hiking 2018 should be your companion on any outdoor vlogging endeavor you would undertake because it has everything you need to ensure you have the equipment you want at your fingertips. In addition to the main compartments which would store the larger items there are many small pockets and pouches to place all those little items like batteries, pen drives, and filters etc.

The compact design of this camera backpack would conveniently accommodate a 13” notebook or tablet slipping into its large pouch on the closing flap. This would give you easy access to complete all your work and upload the images and videos captured onto your vlog platform without any delay.

The two side pockets on this camera backpack could hold your smartphone, keys, and other similar items of importance which you would want at easy reach. Manuals, light books, or even a foldable rain poncho could fit into this flap pocket if you do need to carry one. The versatility of this stylish camera backpack would give you the confidence to have all the required vlogging equipment in one perfect carry companion without having to look for them when you need them.

This camera backpack is very light in weight at an incredible 1.96 pounds but is strong enough to carry quite some valuable stuff inside it. This is often referred to as messenger camera bags which have provisions on the side walls to carry a tripod or a monopod giving much flexibility to execute any difficult task when in the outdoors.


  • Stylish in design, sturdy and strong

  • Ample storage space to get most of your vlogging equipment in

  • Pockets and pouches galore

  • Adjustable separators with hard foam to prevent damage to equipment

  • Lightweight at 1.96 pounds

  • Able to carry a tripod or monopod

  • Strong and comfortable to carry shoulder straps

  • One year warranty


  • Constrained to a 13” notebook or tablet

  • Not resistant to wet weather and water splashes

  • Shoulder straps have a few complaints hence check out before you pack valuables


For the price it is offered at, this camera backpack is good value for money and could hold quite a reasonable quantity of cameras and its accessories. It is elegant in design and versatile in use, the one year warranty offered by would be an incentive to buy for many. If this camera backpack has any issues of quality and workmanship, the house of Amazon would help to solve those problems. The customer reviews have been satisfactory hence there is not to worry about as it has fared above average in use. This could store most of the equipment that a semi-professionals or amateurs would want to take along with them.

AmazonBasics Camera Backpack

#4. Vivitar Camera Backpack Bag

Product Review:

This camera backpack is made from high quality specially manufactured black nylon which is tested for tensile strength as it needs to carry a substantial weight when all the necessary equipment is stored within. The shoulder straps are sturdy and strong to withstand the optimum weight which would be placed inside. It is important that care is taken not to overload the back pack camera bag as it is specifically manufactured to carry vlogging equipment and some light personal items.

vivitar camera backpack
vivitar camera backpack

Carrying a very popular brand name this Vivitar camera backpack should undoubtedly live up to it, and it is designed elegantly and stylishly to accentuate the carrier’s personality. This versatile vlogging camera back pack weighs just 14.4 ounces which is incredible, as it is less than a pound. Though it is light in weight this stylish camera backpack compliments itself by being strong for use carrying valuable vlogging equipment.

The interior dimensions of this best DSLR camera bag for travel are 16.0” x 11.0” x 6.0” and is adequate enough to hold a DSLR camera of standard size which would be well protected along with extra lenses, zoom lenses and other accessories. The compartments in this camera backpack could be customized to suit the contours of any item stored inside hence ensuring they do not move around and cause damage to each other.

The space within this stylish camera backpack is adequate to fit in your vlogging equipment along with other personal belongings making it a versatile carry all to store and transport whatever you would like in one compact space. Whether you are a professional or amateur vlogger the equipment that you would be carrying inside your best camera backpack for hiking 2018 would be valuable to you hence selecting the right camera backpack would be your prerogative.

There are many camera backpacks in the market but only a few which are recommended by Vivitar are made available to the discerning vloggers hence picking up the one that would suit your requirements would be this one.

The separators in the camera backpack are made of hard foam but padded with Velcro assist enabling any sized camera or other accessory to be tightly fitted in and carefully stored for transit and transport. This could be done by moving the compartments to fit the exact size of the equipment inside. Keeping the items inside well packed would ensure they do not move around and cause inadvertent damage which could be quite costly as they are equipment with high values.

The side of this versatile camera backpack could conveniently store a tripod or monopod for easy transit and quick access to if and when you need it. This best DSLR camera bag for travel would fit perfectly onto any shoulder enabling easy and stylish carry to complement your personal style and image. There are ample pockets and pouches for all the little things in this camera backpack which would accompany you on your vlogging endeavors.

You would need to decide what you would place inside this camera backpack before you would buy it as it is of average size and expecting to load a large quantity of stuff should be avoided. This back pack camera bag is backed with a Digital Goja-90 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


  • Sturdy design and strong for carrying valuable vlogging equipment

  • Vivitar brand name

  • Manufactured from strong black nylon material

  • Padded compartments and Velcro assisted

  • Lightweight

  • Provisions for a tripod or monopod

  • Could accommodate a fair amount of equipment

  • Pockets and pouches to store little items


  • Not resistant to splashes of water

  • Cannot place a laptop but a 10” tablet would be possible


The price for this camera backpack is competitive and is good value for money. It is versatile in design and strong enough to carry sufficient equipment. It is well designed and is stylish to complement individual lifestyles and is strong and sturdy in usage. The adjustable separators enable valuable items like cameras inside to be well packed and ensure no damage occurs. The outer walls of this camera backpack are sturdy enough to prevent any damage occurring if it knocks against any hard objects. It is just what you would have wanted especially with an affordable price tag and a stylish design which complements each other offering style and utility to the user.

Vivitar Camera Backpack

#5. Camera Backpack Waterproof by G-raphy

Product Review:

Exclusively designed to enhance the lifestyle of the user this versatile camera backpack could be among the best in its category and with an affordable price tag it could be just what you would need to place all those valuable vlogging equipment within one space for easy recovery.

G-raphy camera backpack
G-raphy camera backpack

Manufactured employing tough and durable nylon which could withstand adverse wet weather conditions this stylish camera backpack would be your ideal companion on any of your vlogging endeavors anywhere that you may wish to tread to unwind your talents in capturing the best images and videos. The stitching, which is one of the most important aspects to ensure strength and stability is maintained in any camera backpack, is well enhanced in this which could be the best DSLR camera bag for travel that you could pick up for yourself.

Appropriately named this G-raphy camera backpack could hold not only your photographic equipment but a 14” to 15.6” laptop, which would ensure that you post your captured images and videos in double quick time onto the vlog platform of your choice. This best camera backpack for hiking 2018 could hold 2 SLR camera bodies of average size,  3 to 4 extra lenses of varying sizes along with other accessories which you would need to ensure that you have all the right equipment when history unfolds in front of you or the most beautiful scene unveils before you. Flashes, extra batteries, filters, and a host of other important materials could be carried conveniently in this vlogging camera backpack.

The dimensions of this back pack camera bag are 16.0” x 11.0” x 6.0” which provides ample space within, to place every little piece of equipment that you would need to get on with the tasks ahead of you. The cameras and accessories are easily storable without moving around inside thanks to the compartments inside the camera backpack  which are provided with separators, made of firm and hard foam but padded to ensure your valuable equipment are stored protectively.

The Velcro attached to the separators would ensure that each of them is well secured so that every little piece of equipment is well and tightly wrapped within the confines of the vlogging camera backpack. The partitions in this camera backpack are easily movable to accommodate the requirement of the user and if you want to take along sophisticated equipment that you would have, the separators would come really handy.

Whilst the external color is a standard black you could have color options if you desire to choose what you would need in the inside. There is orange, green, red and purple that you could choose from any of them if you so wish. The colors are quite attractive and give an unbalanced ambience to depict the best and to ensure personal preferences.

The wide adjustable shoulder straps in these messenger camera bags are helped with reinforced stitching to ensure they stand the test of time especially when it is used roughly to get the best possible angle to capture a good image or a superlative video. They are also well padded to ensure that you are comfortable carrying it, even with all of your equipment bearing down with its weight.

The outside of the stylish camera backpack has very useful side pockets which could accommodate varies items like keys, smartphones and other important things more of a personal nature.


  • Manufactured with durable and strong nylon material

  • Exclusive design and affordably priced

  • Compartments to ensure equipment inside are well secured

  • Attractive inside colors

  • Many pockets to store various small personal items

  • Could carry a laptop from 14” to 15.6”

  • Compatible to carry many brand names

  • 30 day money back return policy

  • Could attach a tripod or monopod to the side of the camera backpack


  • Could be vulnerable for heavy and direct rain


This camera backpack is highly recommended and is versatile in use with a very affordable price tag. It is made available in five vibrant colors. This camera backpack could carry a laptop up to 15.6” providing easy access to the online vlog platform that you would be working on. The shoulder straps are well secured with double reinforced stitching to ensure that all your valuable camera equipment stay well secured within the confines of this stylish camera backpack. This back pack camera bag is good value for money and would be the best you could lay your hands on after much searching.

G-raphy Camera Backpack

#6. Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack

Product Review:

Designed to be convenient in use as a camera backpack for all those who would need to quickly take out their DSLR cameras and its accessories and be ready to click that all important image or record that once in a like time video. Such opportunities would come rarely and you would know it as a professional or amateur vlogger who has been in the business of uploading what you see from the lens of your camera.

altura camera sling backpack
altura camera sling backpack

To be ready you would need to be at optimum mobility and that does not come your way if your back pack camera bag is cumbersome to handle. This would not be the case if you select this stylish camera backpack which is very convenient to use and easy to handle. All the equipment that you would need will be at your fingertips and getting them out when you need it will ensure you are always ready to create some of the best masterpieces with the equipment you would carry.

This versatile vlogging camera backpack is manufactured from the best available polyester/nylon material which is strong and sturdy to ensure the best DSLR camera bag for travel holds all your vlogging stuff securely and without causing any damage. The dimensions of this camera backpack are 8.5” x 5.5” x 16.0” (LxWxH) which enables it to hold most of the equipment that you would intend to take along with you on every vlogging endeavor that you may undertake.

The interior of this best camera backpack for hiking 2018 is padded with hard foam dividers which could be customized to hold DSLR camera bodies, extra lenses, flashes and other required accessories.  The Velcro assisted dividers are padded to ensure all the equipment inside this stylish camera backpack remains secured and protected without moving around hence preventing any inadvertent damage.

Whilst it is strong and durable this camera backpack weighs just 1.1 pounds hence would not be a burden on your shoulders even with all your vlogging equipment in it. The shoulder straps are designed wide with the ability to sit comfortably on any size of torso ensuring they are secured without any undue inconvenience being caused to the vlogger.

The quick access side entry zipper enables you to get to your equipment whilst this camera backpack is still securely on your shoulder which enables you to turn it around and pick up what you would need from it from the front close to your chest. This quick accessibility makes this camera backpack the best companion you could have with you to carry all your equipment and have them at your fingertips when you need any of them in a hurry.

The side of this best DSLR camera bag for travel would conveniently fit a tripod or monopod, ensuring that you are never in want of any accessory when you need it. You could also carry extra lenses and all other smaller items in the many side pockets that are conveniently designed onto this camera backpack. Vloggers would need all their stuff packed conveniently into one stylish camera backpack and this would be just what they would want as it is designed with vloggers like you in mind and offered at a very competitive and affordable price.


  • Elegantly designed

  • Convenient sling action when quick access is wanted

  • Strong, durable and water resistant material

  • Interior could be adjusted and customized

  • Mesh side interior pockets

  • Wide and padded shoulder straps

  • Lightweight at 1.1 pounds

  • Externally fits tripod/monopod

  • Compatible for any leading camera brands

  • Affordable and good value for money


  • Cannot fit a tablet or notebook

  • Water resistant property not desirable

  • Too compact


It is designed well and manufactured with strong and durable nylon material and has all the right advantages but could be compact for a top professional vlogger. Its competitive price makes it affordable and good value for money. The convenient sling action enables easy access with the side opening to get anything from inside the camera backpack quickly and conveniently.

It has provision to carry a tripod or monopod conveniently strapped onto the side of this camera backpack ensuring that all the equipment that you would need on your vlogging endeavors are easily at hand without you wanting for any. The interior of this stylish camera backpack could be well organized with the adjustable compartments to ensure that every little accessory is conveniently packed and easily accessible when needed. This could be the best DSLR camera bag for travel that you could find to carry all your vlogging equipment.

Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack

#7. Caden Camera Backpack DSLR/SLR Camera Bag

Product Review:

This stylish camera backpack is designed with most of what a professional vlogger would want in the camera backpack that he or she would carry on their vlogging endeavors. The specially manufactured with 900D high density and water proofed nylon material which is scratch and water resistant ensuring rough and long lasting use. It is double water resistant with the material tested to resist water and also the provided rain cover would ensure everything inside your camera backpack are well protected from even the wettest weather.

camera backpack dslr slr
camera backpack dslr slr

The zippers are strong too and would last long as they are designed to withstand the constant usage that this camera backpack would be put through. The zinc metal slider of the very sturdy zipper ensures long lasting use.This camera backpack whilst being strong is very light to weighing just 2.78 pounds with dimensions of 11.8” x 5.5” x 15.3” which makes it above average in capacity compared to all other camera backpacks in its category.

The main compartment could be slid out for easy and convenient access to the equipment stored inside and with it easy sling action the camera backpack could be brought around from the back to the chest area to pick up whatever you would need from the inside. The shoulder straps are well padded with highly elastic memory foam for comfortable carrying even with the weight of the equipment inside.

The main compartment could conveniently accommodate 1 camera, 2 extra lenses, and all other required accessories that you would need on your vlogging endeavors. When the main compartment is removed this camera backpack could be doubled up as a fashion travel bag to carry personal clothing and other travel stuff. This would be the best camera backpack for hiking 2018 which would give you peace of mind that all what you need is in one place and at your fingertips.

The main compartment which would carry all your expensive equipment has a 7 layer protection from sudden knocks and even drop resistant ensuring that everything inside are well protected. The outer cover of the main compartment has 2 layers of Flannelette, 2 layers of Sponge, 2 layers of 8mm highly elastic PE cotton and 1 layer of 2mm of highly elastic and high density polyethylene which all combine to provide you the best DSLR camera bag for travel. This camera backpack could withstand some rough handling that professional vloggers may endeavor when they need to capture those very special moments sometimes placing themselves in very awkward positions.

A 14” laptop would easily slide into this camera backpack and would be adequately protected with the inherent padding and encompassing strong and durable nylon material around it. A tripod or monopod would also conveniently fit onto this back pack camera bag ensuring that you would have all the equipment you would need without any in wanting when you are on a vlogging endeavor in the outdoors.

This camera backpack has a load bearing capacity of 50 kg and comes with a 3 year warranty backed by a 20 year factory experience employing more than a 1000 employees which ensures that the product meets all the high standards that it boasts of before being released form their manufacturing facilities.


  • Superlative design

  • Strong water proofed high density nylon material

  • Long lasting zippers with zinc metal slider

  • Main compartment detachable

  • Strong and memory foam padded shoulder straps

  • Can accommodate a 14” laptop and other accessories

  • 50 Kg weight bearing

  • Tripod or monopod attachment at bottom


  • Some issues with the zippers but nothing much to complain about


This is a very good camera backpack especially with its inherent properties of super water proofing and the strong nylon materials used. It could take in most of the equipment that you need on your vlogging endeavors as it has ample space within the detachable main compartment which has separate compartments to store the required equipment. This stylish camera backpack is good value for money and is durable for rough use in any tricky situation the vlogger might be put into.

This camera backpack could carry up to 50Kgs of stuff which makes it one of the few in its category that has this advantage and with its superlative design would be the best you could get in the market at present. The high density nylon material that is used complements its looks and with its strong inherent qualities makes it the best DSLR camera bag for travel for any professional or amateur vlogger.

Caden Camera Backpack

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