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Founded in 1967 by the Lowe brothers Mike, Greg and Jeff, it started off as a subsidiary of Lowe Alpine Systems an outdoor equipment manufacturing company they had had interests in. The brothers were quite well known among outdoor enthusiasts as they were adept at mountain climbing, skiing and other outdoor activities whilst being professional photographers too. Their outdoor photography ventures needed them to have sturdy and strong bags to carry all their camera equipment. This prompted Greg to invent the close fitting internal frame backpack, which gives credence to the saying that “necessity is the mother of invention”. It was this same design technology that has been employed in all their camera bags and it has withstood any rough handling and has adequately prevented major damage to equipment inside.

What started as a personal requirement has today blossomed into an international brand name that has become synonymous with backpacks for cameras, lenses and in carrying such sensitive equipment especially when moving around in rough terrain. It is today the leader in the industry for carrying bags for laptops, cameras, lenses, imaging accessories, and all portable consumer electronics which would need to be transported or carried safely around.
The company is based in Petaluma, California and is a subsidiary of and owned by the equity company Brockway Moran and Partners. The first bag to carry cameras safely around was introduced in 1972 and since then they have not looked back and have gone from strength to strength.

In 1981 exclusive rights were given to Uwe Mummenhoff and DayMen Photo Marketing Inc: to produce these products under license in Canada and after that in 1989 the latter wholly owned the brand Lowepro.
The range of products have increased with carrying bags being manufactured to house and carry, small drones, compact digital cameras, smartphones, and also quadcopters. The Slingshot range of products in the Lowepro are today much sought after by professionals in all spheres of every industry for its strong and sturdy use.


  • Strong and serves the purpose it was made for very well

  • Has a very wide international presence

  • Quality standards are maintained

  • Wide selection

  • Dividers inside and well-padded for extra protection


  • Prices could be high

  • Hence affordability is limited to up market customers only