Vivitar DKS – 25 Review

Product Review



It is imperative that the camera carry bag or backpack that you would select and use to carry all your valuable photography equipment and the related accessories is strong enough, stylish, practical, and above all ensure absolute safety for the items inside. The Vivitar DKS – 25 meets all these criteria and more as it is designed exclusively to accommodate and carry your photographic equipment. The finale in the design concept was achieved after many practical tests that were conducted in controlled laboratories of Vivitar to ensure that the end product the, Vivitar DKS – 25 was perfect in every sense.

Carrying valuable photography equipment in any carry bag could end up in disaster even if there happens to be a slight mishap as that bag would not have the necessary credentials to carry them. There are certain absolute requirements when you carry sensitive equipment like cameras, lenses, laptops, tablets etc. One very important aspect is that they need to be well secured from each other and also from any other hard objects or material that would be in the bag too. If these hard objects constantly brush against the equipment inside or on the contrary they brush against each other irreparable damage could be caused.

Hence it is imperative that you carry the Vivitar DKS – 25 where your valuable photography equipment would be securely held within it, ensuring no damage occurs. It has dedicated compartments but which could be customized to hold firmly and safely your camera and all other equipment like lenses etc. The segregated compartments are very well padded with strong separators ensuring each of the items inside stays exactly where you would want it to be. They will not move around and cause damage to each other.

Most of these compartments are accessible from the outside with heavy duty zippers opening out easily so that you have your camera with you in a jiffy when you would want it. The compartments are movable inside to ensure the closest fit and could be customized to ensure each of the equipment you need to carry are very well secured. The padded compartments are made from hard separators to ensure that the equipment stays exactly where you would want it to be.

There is also provision at the rear with a pouch to attach the tripod which is convenience at its best. The tripod could be firmly secured with straps ensuring it fits flat onto the back of the Vivitar DKS – 25. The Velcro assisted side pockets could hold memory cards and other such items which could be easily retrieved when needed. You could also place other items like little books, and other printed documents inside this which you would on your vlogging endeavors.

There is also space to place the laptop or tablet which is also zippered and easily accessible when needed and with all equipment and accessories secured but accessible the Vivitar DKS – 25 is the best camera carry bag you could have to carry your photography equipment around with you.

The practicality of the Vivitar DKS – 25 is the reason that it stands out tall and handsome from other camera backpacks with one distinct advantage being that the main compartment where you would place the camera being accessible from three sides of the camera backpack. The shoulder straps are very well padded and cushioned to ensure comfort when carrying your equipment around and are also strong to bear the burden of the weight within. The material used to manufacture the Vivitar DKS – 25 has been developed over many years and is All Weather resistant. The add to the safety of the sensitive and valuable equipment inside the Vivitar DKS – 25 stores a backup All Weather (AW) cover which would come handy when there is dust and splashes of water where you would be during your vlogging endeavors,

The Vivitar DKS – 25 weighs just only 1.7 pounds which is far less than a kilogram making it a very lightweight camera backpack ideal for anyone to carry around during their vlogging endeavors. Extensive research has gone into bringing the Vivitar DKS – 25 out to you and the straps have been checked for strength and have been put through some tough paces.


  • Strong, sturdy and All Weather proof.

  • Easy accessibility

  • Strong zippers

  • Segregated compartments which could be customized

  • Strong shoulder straps to hold weight

  • Laptop and tablet space and accessibility

  • Lightweight


  • No sling action

  • Price may be high

  • The seams need strengthening