Vivitar Series 1 Trolley Review

Product Review



A camera backpack with shoulder straps and wheels, incredible! Yes, just what you would need, when you are on the move, but of course, it is floors that you would need which could wheel your backpack. The Vivitar Series 1 Trolley is indeed an incredible camera carry bag, which could be called a “trolley” too. Your camera equipment especially when you are travelling could be quite cumbersome and uncomfortable to carry as a backpack but if you have wheels it is definitely useful.

The Vivitar Series 1 Trolley has wheels that are practically embedded discreetly into the trolley which could be carried as a camera backpack too as it has straps. In comparison to other camera backpacks or bags this is a very smart piece of design engineering. If it is not photography equipment that you would like to carry with you and want it for laptop and other computer hardware and other paraphernalia it would still be ideal and it would serve the dual purpose efficiently.

The Vivitar Series 1 Trolley, is very stylish and practical camera backpack which could literally walk with you and ensure that the items that you are carrying within walk with you too without you have to carry them on your tired back. Taking a flight with so many important items that you need to make your trip could be a nightmare especially when you would have to carry them through. The Vivitar Series 1 Trolley would take that burden off your shoulders and let you to wheel them wherever you would go.

As a trolley and backpack it weighs in at 8.35 pounds (3.77 Kgs) which is quite light if you look at other bags with the same features. This weight could be an issue if you are to carry it as a backpack but that is one thing you may have to bear as the other option of wheels could be a bit heavy. You would need to work out your vlogging schedules and accordingly you could decide whether you would take a lighter Vivitar camera backpack or take the Vivitar Series 1 Trolley.

You do have a choice when it comes to carrying your photographic equipment. Either one should work for you effectively ensuring your vlogging endeavors are not hindered or impediments placed. You need to have good composure and be comfortable when you are about to click to capture that perfect moment. You cannot do that if various impediments are placed on your path. If that happens you would feel difficult to work.

Depending on your requirements you should be able to fit in quite a lot of stuff into the Vivitar Series 1 Trolley. The interior could be customized to wrap around your valuable equipment to ensure that they are all kept secured well without causing damage in transit. These separators are hard but wrapped in heavy duty padding which is smart and practical too. They would keep each item from brushing against another ensuring no damage in transit occurs.
The front zipper will let you get to your main compartment where you could place the camera, this is easily accessible with the opening of one zip and there are two similar zipped openings like it. There is also provision to carry the tripod conveniently attached onto the side of the Vivitar Series 1 Trolley. There is a very conveniently attached side pocket which could be used to keep some of those little items you would need in a hurry.

The side pocket could also be used to place memory cards, and other small accessories which would be needed when you are on the move or when on your vlogging endeavors. Whatever it may be the Vivitar Series 1 Trolley is just what you would need when you are moving on one of those vlogging assignments. To secure the Vivitar Series 1 Trolley, to our torso well there is also a strap which would wrap around your waist and tighten up so that it stays firm on your body. This would prevent any untoward movement of the Vivitar Series 1 Trolley which would ensure that the camera and other equipment are safe from unknown damage in the inside.

If you need a camera bag that is easy and practical then there is none to beat the Vivitar Series 1 Trolley it has convenience written all over it as it is the best that could happen to you when you need to take along all that heavy stuff around. Getting yourself the Vivitar Series 1 Trolley would be your best choice if you are to start vlogging efficiently without any adverse issues. Your vlogging experiences could step up into a new dimension if you are to keep up with up.


  • Wheels to pull it through

  • Shoulder straps to carry

  • Tough material

  • Weather resistant

  • Stylish

  • Practical

  • Easy access


  • At 8.35 pounds could be heavy

  • Strap not strong enough

  • Price could be high